Welcome to my website. We launched this site in 2011 to coincide with the release of my first CD, “Beach on the Ocean”. In the fall of 2013, my second CD, “Alone on a Saturday Night” came out. In 2016, we released a third CD, “Tourist Town”. You can find the link to the music from the CDs on the music page of this website.

Playing songs that tell a story; songs that aren’t loud with a dance beat, is a hard road to travel in this day and age. It often seems like not many people actually listen to music, and that the role of musicians is to provide background noise, like the piano player featured in the song “Background Noise” in my latest CD. This coupled with the trend to replace musicianship with computerized noise, and all the fake instruments and auto-tuning that comes with it, makes one wonder whether it is all worth it sometimes. However, every so often someone will come up to me who has obviously listened to the song that I played and will tell me how much the message of the song resonated with them. And that makes everything worthwhile.

So I invite you to give a listen to these songs and let me know what you think. I also encourage you to go out and support live music by attending venues that hire musicians, including yours truly, (go the the Shows page of this site to see where I will be playing). I will continue to try hard to write songs that you will like. Feel free to let me know whether or not I have succeeded. Thanks for visiting this website. I look forward to meeting you some day in the real, non-cyber world.